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Hammer biceps curl – Muscle Gaining Secrets Program

Hammer dumbbell curl exercise is absolutely essential for building muscles of the forearm and upper arm.

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The main muscles involved are the biceps muscle of arm (biceps brachia), deep muscle arm muscle radius and muscle round.

The pictures below are a little too concise, so if interested please refer to the articles on the anatomy of the arm in this section.

Even though the sheer providing can use a barbell with specially shaped axis in 99% of cases can make do with a dumbbell.

There are three basic variants of this exercise. The first is a classic when lifting the alternating both hands and both also immediately return to the starting position:

Take your starting position with dumbbells at your sides with a neutral grip.

Inhale and lift one arm to the up position. Go as high as Jeen as possible, but do not forget that your elbows are fixed to the body and now!

The top position of one or two seconds, wait a ..
And … slow controlled movement return your barbell to the starting position.

Now, after inhale, raise your other arm …
After a moment and hold her contractions slowly go back down. After starting the whole exercise from the start
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